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Welcome to the courses of Excel-Hocam web site. These courses have been designed for the CAA/CAD students in Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. By going through the courses notes, watching the demos and doing the proposed exercises, you have the opportunity to improve your knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

This site is totally FREE. Most of the time, you should be able to access the lessons and demos as simple guests, but I would prefer that you register (it is also free), so that I can understand which courses and items are the most appreciated. Also, it is necessary to register and enroll to a course in order to do some of the activities (like quiz :-) or participate to forums.

Most lessons contents and exercises have been already used during in-class sessions, so they take into account the questions that my dear students usually ask and the problems they sometimes face.  However, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments or wish to add anything to a lesson or exercise, please send me an email. You feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Also, as Turkish is not my native language (neither is English by the way), it may happen that the translations I propose are not completely (or at all) accurate. Do not hesitate to let me know. All help is welcome.

If you are a teacher and wish to use the content of this site for you class, please do so. You can use the course notes, the exercises, the demos... Let me know who you are, so that I can give you access to the teaching resources. If you wish to send me some material to add to any of the courses, you are very welcome, as this site can always be improved...

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